On again…

We have all heard the phrase, “On again, off again.”  It denotes someone who might stick with something for a while and then stop for a while, only to repeat that cycle over and over again. This blog has been that for a while.  It originally started as a home-built CMS blog that was a summer experiment...

Hiring for any kind of technical role is never without risk. And let’s face it, it can be daunting to assess the nuances of talent and team fit in a few simple interviews plus a code exam. So how *should* we think about the value differences between:

  • great engineer and a decent one
  • An experienced senior engineer or a talented junior
  • unicorn from a yak

Taylor Veino, gun.io Blog

Many succeed momentarily by what they know;
Some succeed temporarily by what they do;
but few succeed permanently by what they are.

John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan
Becoming a Person of Influence