IndyNDA Wrap-up for August 2010 – OData

This month at IndyNDA we heard from Dan Rigsby (@DanRigsby) regarding OData.  OData is a web protocol that allows for the querying of data as a service.  OData is built upon REST principle of web services.  REST is a move away from the complicated SOAP protocols that were popular in the 1990’s.  Unfortunately SOAP is […]


Thinking about Bibles

I have continued to think about what I would want in a Bible. I continued to think about Bible design after my Random Research Friday a couple of weeks ago where I researched a new note-taking type Bible.

I have continued to develop the idea. I recently compiled a list of qualities (both design and production) I would like to see in this Bible.


Big Christian Words

I was reading through the preface of my ESV Bible and read the following passage… The ESV also carries forward classic translation principles in its literary style. Accordingly it retains theological terminology – words such as grace, faith, justification, sanctification, redemption, regeneration, reconciliation, propitiation – because of their central importance for Christian doctrine and also […]