BibleTech 2010

I will be a speaker at the BibleTech 2010 conference in San Jose, CA. It is going to be held on March 26 and 27 and should be a great conference to network and see what’s happening within the world of Bible technology.

I am going to be demonstrating a new web application I am building, Holy Lamp (I will post more about this soon.) It is an interesting conference, and will be a new experience for me. I have only gone to a handful of conferences anyway, and no Christian-based conferences.


Windows Live Writer

I have decided to give Windows Live Writer a try for updating this blog. I could use the Wordpress web management, but what fun is that! Anyway, I plan to use Live Writer when I am using my laptop and the web tool for when I am on other machines.

I am very hopeful so far. Many of the “recommended” desktop blogging publishing apps all cost something. The free ones did not have the greatest reviews. Live Writer is an included app with Windows 7 and has some great reviews.


Rob Bell’s “Everything is Spiritual” Lecture


Rob Bell is a pastor for the Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan. This video goes through some scientific facts, some universe weirdness, and overall spiritual nature of everything. It is really cool to see him talk about string theory, 2D interactions with 3D objects, and other nerdy things. There are actually 8 parts to the lecture, so if you like this first part, click on the video and head over to YouTube to watch all of them.


New Blog

Welcome to the new Trey Gourley blog.  This is probably the third or forth version of my blog.  I hope to keep updating it over the next few days.  Once everything is good, I will start posting some interesting stuff. This will probably be a blog in the “random but relevant” category.  I will be […]