Windows Live Writer

I have decided to give Windows Live Writer a try for updating this blog.  I could use the WordPress web management, but what fun is that!  Anyway, I plan to use Live Writer when I am using my laptop and the web tool for when I am on other machines.

I am very hopeful so far.  Many of the “recommended” desktop blogging publishing apps all cost something.  The free ones did not have the greatest reviews.  Live Writer is an included app with Windows 7 and has some great reviews.

Also, Live Writer has the ability to add plugins if there is something special you would like to have on your site.  It has built in plugins for hyperlinks, pictures, maps, and video.  But there are other useful plugins.  For me having a “code format” plugin to show any computer programming code in the write format was important.  Also, the Live Writer team released a WordPress plugin, so you can manage your blog name, comment administration, and custom field creation (for me this is important since my theme utilizes custom fields for post thumbnail images.)

I will be posting more on Live Writer in the future, but for now the cost and usefulness makes this app the best choice for desktop blog publishing.

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