Carpenter’s Toolbox Children’s Book Carrier

A friend graduated from college this spring with a Education degree with the goal to become a kindergarten teacher.  As such she will have several children’s books that she will be carrying around her room.  I wanted to make something unique that she could use to carry those books and make them easily accessible. What […]


New CircularSoft Website

Since going full-time with CircularSoft earlier this spring, I have wanted to revamp the company website to look more modern as well as better reflect what the company does (  The original site was created a couple of years ago as a quick web presence that I could direct people towards.  The original site had […]


Thinking about Bibles

I have continued to think about what I would want in a Bible. I continued to think about Bible design after my Random Research Friday a couple of weeks ago where I researched a new note-taking type Bible.

I have continued to develop the idea. I recently compiled a list of qualities (both design and production) I would like to see in this Bible.


Quick Website Prototyping

At this last IndyNDA’s ASP.NET special interest group, we discussed a way to quickly prototype a website. This is one step past creating a quick sketch of a website on paper. This will let you layout and give basic style to a website design. We will utilize openly available web tools to help us. I assume you have some basic web design skills with both HTML and CSS.


Mailbox Pickup – Can you read the time?

Sometimes I forget to put my mail out in our mailbox before I head out to work. By the time I get home, the mail has been picked up already. I have two choices at this point: put the mail out tomorrow, or go to a Post Office public mailbox that has not been picked […]


Developers – Take a Step Towards Designers

As web developers we love to create awesome applications (if only awesome in our own minds or two a few people.) We live in a world of code and data. But we often miss an increasingly important aspect of the design of a website or web application.

To grow as better developers we need to take a step towards a design brothers/sisters so as to better understand their world. Just as we live in a world of code, they live in a world of color. But we do not have to live in the dark or think we are mutually exclusive. Below are a couple of suggestions on getting started understanding the design-side of web development.