Mailbox Pickup – Can you read the time?

Sometimes I forget to put my mail out in our mailbox before I head out to work. By the time I get home, the mail has been picked up already. I have two choices at this point: put the mail out tomorrow, or go to a Post Office public mailbox that has not been picked up yet. If I really am anxious to get my next Netflix movie, I usually head out to a mailbox that I know does not get picked up until 6:30pm.

On my way I happen to pass another Post Office mailbox and I was curious to see what time it was getting picked up. Being in traffic driving by, I attempted to read the time. Unfortunately, they felt it necessary to write the pickup times in size 12 font. Readable when you are standing next to the box, but there is no way I am going to read that going 30 mph driving by. In addition, there are several boxes that make finding what time you are looking for harder. Needless to say, I still do not know when that particular mailbox gets picked up.

Here is my quick mockup of what the current pickup times label looks like on a Post Office mailbox. Notice the multitude of boxes. I only really care about two. Plus the size 12 font for both the weekday and weekend pickup times.

Current Post Office Mailbox Pickup Time Label Mockup

All they would have to do is just bump up the font and remove the boxes. Something like the following image.

New Post Office Mailbox Pickup Times Mockup

I am sure that this mailbox would be easier to read at 30mph.

New Post Office Mailbox with Label

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