BibleTech 2010 Wrap-up

Well BibleTech 2010 is over.  Great time here in San Jose, CA.  I was able to connect and meet people that I would have NEVER have the opportunity otherwise.

I was happy with my talk introducing Holy Lamp.  For the last couple of weeks I have been working hard (unsuccessfully) on getting the parts built where the web app can query Bible information. I just could not get it working.  But then a saving grace… on the first night of the conference, Logos announced they are releasing a Bible text web service for public use.  I was able to replace two weeks of work in two hours and the system is working great.

The API will allow me to focus on more important aspects of the software, such as building in the social networking plugin and further developing the reading plan building.

I was able to see some pretty impressive software and presentations.  WordBloom is a new piece of Bible study software that has great visual affects.  Logos continues to impress me with their Logos 4 software.  I was able to witness some impressive reports regarding Twitter and Bible references.  I was also able to note some issues regarding Bible versions and traditions regarding Biblical canon that might relate to how reading plans are developed in Holy Lamp.

Overall a great conference.  I was happy to be able to travel to a conference that feeds both the Christian and geek in me.

  • Holy Lamp sounds very interesting. I read your introduction text from Bibletech2010. I’ve been having same kind of thoughts lately about adaptive plans and so on. First quarter of 2010 is soon over, anxiously waiting for the launch :)…

    • Anssi,

      Thanks for your note. I am definitely working to get the app out as quickly as possible. Please keep an eye on my blog and twitter for when the app goes public.


      Trey G.

  • I hope this app comes out soon because I am gonna be the first to download it haha

  • Hey Trey, definitely interested in getting to see and try out Holy Lamp. I found this website by adding a google alert to see any mentions of Holy Lamp. I read about it on the Bible Tech conference website since I am in South Africa and cannot afford to attend the event, I like checking up on the speakers at the conference.