Long time no see

Wow.  How long has it been?  Too long.

I look back on the posts on this blog and realize that I have not posted a single article since October 2010.  Back then my goal was to post at least one article per month.  I did pretty well up to October 2010, then nothing.  It was not even a slowdown.  Not an instance where one month turned into two months, then three months.  Nope.  Just a sudden stop.

Funny how we can prioritize everything in our life.  Even the things that are most important to us can somehow move down the “importance ladder”.  Other than blogs, I find exercise to be the other thing that I somehow start to miss and then stop.  Truth is that we create the priorities in our life, even when we think we don’t.

Whether it is family time, church time, reading time, exercise time, or blogging time, we all set our priorities.  How do you manage your priorities?  Do you struggle with trying to fit everything in?

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