Future Updates to the Blog

My goal is to update this blog much more than I have in the past.  According to Feedburner, this will be more like a conversation with friends around the coffee table than a lecture in front of an audience.  None the less, I hope it will inform and be helpful for those who do read it.

The goal is a minimum of 2 post per week (hopefully more if time allows.)  I will have four different categories that I will post to regularly.

  • Print to Web – This is a series that will take something from the word of print design, and show how to duplicate that design on the web (using web compliant HTML/CSS)
  • Random Research Friday – As those closest to me will tell you, I love random information. Wikipedia was created for guys like me.  On Friday, I will post about something random.  I am not just going to post a Wikipedia article, but will give a good 5 minute overview on a topic.  I will try to add some commentary and a few internet articles about the topic.  I have done this before with the Modern Day Gunsmiths and Custom Study Bible posts.
  • Software and Web App Development How-to – I will pull from my day-to-day experience as a software developer to help others with specific development tasks.  These posts might be about web design, third-party development tools, Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, HTML/CSS, database design, or anything else development-related that I am working on at the time.  For an example, check out the Building an Online Chat Application post.
  • Catch all, anything goes post – sometimes this type of post might be the one I do the most.  I just talk about anything that comes to mind.  It could be about starting a business, Christianity, family, music, a software or app review, or just something on my mind.  Typically, I will not post about politics, and if I do, you have my permission to not read that post.

Technically, this is my second post of the week.  I guess I could sit back until next week, but I already have a Random Research Friday post ready to be written for this week.

Let me know what you think and if there is anything specific you would like to see on the blog.

On again…
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